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Blue IT Marketing and why it was created.

This company is in existent for reasons which are personal to me as an individual. you see as a person i have struggled a lot in my life and largely because i didn’t fit in. as i was growing up i always believed that there was something different about me so i spent a lot of time finding out about myself and the environment that i lived in.

This of course gave me an advantage when it comes to understanding how things work. I found out that in life one worst enemy is self, once you defeat yourself then all other things are just minor obstacles that can’t really change your direction.

Leading my life along this path of course was not easy, and i was often more of an outcast than somebody who fits in, i didn’t really care much of this because i had enough problems with myself than anyone else.

Once in my life i found out that when i have a problem with someone else more often than not the solution is not with the other person but with me. and this naturally lead me into finding solutions for problems which are not only my own but problems which affect the people around me.


This need to find solutions by myself lead me into a very long research as to how can i solve most of the problems which affect our society. and after ten years reading everything to do with business and everything else Blue IT Marketing was finally born.

With this company the only thing i want to do is to solve most of our societies ills in one go. i know this is going to be the most difficult road of my life and i am already going uphill. I do not see myself failing as this is not only a business but my life as well i have chosen this path as the path i want my life defined by.

I am writing this today from the offices of Blue IT Marketing at Thohoyandou, and the reason is to explain to everyone affiliated with this company as to what it is that i am doing.


The future of Blue IT Marketing depends on the people connected in one way or another with this company if any one of you sees everyday what i see in our societies all over the world you would agree with me that unless we change most of the ways that things are done then nothing will really improve within and outside of our societies.

Today you find people being killed in the name of democratic freedom i say democratic freedom because according to me this isn’t freedom at all but just another system to continue enslaving our people economically, and this is not local to any country but a problem all over the world.


So tomorrow when you vote for a political party just ask yourself whether or not what you expect from this political parties can be achieved by a political party. i am not saying do not vote i am just saying put your faith on something that can deliver, political parties have been in existent for a long time around the world and none of them has been able to deliver that ever elusive Freedom.


The reasons for this is of course economical not political, there’s enough resources today to support everyone alive  but in the hands of few. which is what the open economy and Democracy really provides (Not Freedom).

Political Freedom by itself cannot provide for a family people need Economical Freedom to survive (i am not affiliated in any way with Julius Malema’s Party) which is why i start Blue IT Marketing to provide that ever needed freedom which is economical and not political.


Blue IT Marketing is able to provide economical freedom by centralizing the power of this company to the people themselves so once you join Blue IT Marketing as an Agent, Freelancer, or a company Needing to submit your projects to freelancers you are infect putting more power to the people not me or the shareholders of Blue IT Marketing.

The company will only be in my direction for as long as it needs to after which i will no longer be needed to give direction to Blue IT Marketing as the people themselves can give better direction to this company than i can.


You do not have to understand what i am talking about here in order for you to understand that you still do not enjoy sufficient freedom to have access to:

  • Basic Health Care
  • Education
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Basic Human Rights

Which is exactly what every political party in the world promises its supporters.

The thing is in reality they cannot provide this things to start with as they do not even own this things. (How can you give something which you do not have)

I have nothing against any Political Parties in this world i am just pointing out the obvious and the thing is we still need the people like Mandela in this world to continue doing what he did for South Africa, But in Order for us to provide Real Freedom we are going to have to do it ourselves, History gives you sufficient proof that unless Real Power (Economic not Political) is given to the people then nothing will really change.

The Author is Justice Ndou

CEO & Founder Blue IT Marketing.

How To Create Wealth with Ideas

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How to create wealth with ideas

Take a look at the headlines today and try make a conclusion yourself as to whats making money in today’s economy, you will find out that it is all about ideas.

New Ideas always has a potential to generate money

There are however factors that influence the financial potential of an idea


  • Do people believe in your idea? If people believe in your idea such an idea has a great potential to be passed on to the next person.this means that your idea start to market itself.
  • Originality! How original is your idea? if you just duplicate another persons ideas then your chances of becoming successful are minimal.
  • Platform used to launch the idea. this is the same as the platform used to create awareness. if you are launching a business based on a new idea then it is better to launch it on a platform that allows you free publicity, and also allow people to actively interact with you.
  • Some ideas has an ability to spread like a virus.
  1. And this is highly dependent on the current state of society than anything else, for example an idea to develop and market an enhanced sanitation cloth might flourish in our society if we where to find ourselves in the middle of a major flu pandemic.
  2. The effectiveness or usefulness of an idea. if the solution or product proposed in your idea is readily available then your idea is more useful than the one that proposes a complicated or expensive product or service. Ideas that meet this criteria are much more likely to spread by themselves than others.
  3. Consistency. for your ideas to be of benefit to you they have to have an unchanging feature that can readily be associated with you, E.G. Company Name, Product Name or Service Description. This enables your idea to spread together with a feature that can always be traced back to you.
  4. Associations with other ideas of the same type can help your idea spread if it has sufficient benefits or features that stands out of the crowd.
  5. Sense of Ownership. If those people that are the intended recipients of an idea has a sense of owner derived from anything associated to such an idea then that idea will spread much more effectively than an idea which does not impart this.

Blue IT Marketing

Author: Justice Ndou

My name is Justice Ndou,
My Nick Name is Mobius.
Here is my homepage:
I live inNzhelele,
and work as an CEO
at Blue IT Marketing.

How to make sure you succeed in everything you do

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How to make sure you succeed in everything you do.

If you need to make sure of your success then this is a recommended read.

How to make sure you succeed in everything you do

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How to make sure you succeed in everything you do

If you ask anyone if he/she can tell you how to make sure that you succeed in everything you do.

you risk getting ridiculed, and comments like that is impossible.

What I used To Think

i use to think like that, but now i am afraid i know better, i know that it is not only possible to succeed in everything, it is so simple you will be ashamed as to why is it that you missed such an obvious fact of life.

To get to the point.

Man is a Recreational creature put simply it means man has an inborn ability to create, and he in fact has this inborn hunger to create his environment, the only other thing which keeps man from actively doing that is he doesn’t know this.

The Original human Being

Man was not born to lead his life in this planet as a spectator but as a creator. ( in this regard man is like god) but most of us do not do this (actively create) we instead lead our life’s as sub humans. this is the very thing that makes man suffer the rest of his life thinking that one day things will change. (the problem with that is things don’t change, you have to change things)

How to do this

in order for man to do this (to actively create) he must believe that he can, he must believe that he is the creator of his environment. and in this way everything he ever wanted will come into being. all the major religions in this world are based on faith, in fact they are based on the ability of man to create his immediate surroundings, and in order for man to do this he must first of all have faith in his abilities as a creator.

Some Environments are conducive

Some man are born and raised in environments that allows their faith to be sufficient enough to allow them to actively create their environments, some man grow up without faith but learns to have faith along the way. some man dies without even experiencing this ability in their lives and that is a great misfortune.

A Man who has everything

A man who can actively create his environment has everything he ever needs at his disposal but yet this very man in order to truly be a success must also have the ability not to misuse his ability.

Let me make this clear to you what i am saying is everything that ever happened to you happened because you allowed it to, even if you where unaware of this.

Whatever it is that you have today is as a result of your faith. the problem is what you do with your faith.

i have met people who believe that certain things are impossible for man to achieve this people to me sound like they are in fact preaching the gospel of doom.

If certain things are impossible as they say then man should have never had the ability to think, because if you can think of something then you can believe it then if you can believe it then it exists.

All material things (invented by man) we enjoy today are a product of faith, they where first imagined then believed and they existed afterward, before one man thought of them such things did not exist.

If you needed to succeed in a certain situation you must first imagine yourself in possession of those things that you need to achieve,

Second you must start believing that such things are not only possible but that you are the one that is supposed to bring this things into existent in your environment and life.

My Story

Justice Ndou

Let me give you an example of what i am talking about. ( this is a real life story).

I was once a student in a primary school called Siloam Primary School at Limpopo South Africa, my Mathematics Teacher was then in the habit of punishing us every-time we fail,

and i had accepted this outcome ( i knew that i was to be punished every time i wright mathematics because i will never pass it i was too dumb to pass) i was right he punished me every-time except one day that he gave us a test that we must complete at home. i didn’t wright that test my mother did, then i went to school that day a happy little boy, knowing and believing that my teacher won’t punish me because he will mark the test and find-out that i passed. ( i Believed this because i had faith in my mothers ability to pass mathematics).

My teacher marked all the tests and then finally started calling out our names, he made sure that we first get a chance to complain about the mistakes that could have happened while he was marking, when he gave me my book i complained at once, i had never complained before so that was a surprise to everybody else, including the teacher.

the reason i complained was because i had not only failed that test but i got zero on the test. i indicated this matter to my teacher and he said to me that there was nothing wrong with my marks, i kept on insisting that he must have made a mistake, what was most surprising to him that day was that i refused to be punished as well, this finally came to the attention of the principal and he came and called me we went out of the class and he asked me what was the problem, i finally was able to tell the principal that my mother wrought that test and that my teacher must have made a mistake, because my mother would never fail mathematics, i do not know what went into his head (the principal)  but he told me that day that i shouldn’t let anyone teach me mathematics, (to me that included my mother and teacher) that i should from that day on-wards know that if i practice mathematics i will never fail it again. (I Believed everything)

From that day onward s (Primary school Grade 6 )  up until today i am 34 years old i had never failed mathematics. not even in tertiary (i was doing computer systems engineering and mechanical engineering) this was of course because i believed my principal when he said i must never let anyone teach me mathematics that i will never fail mathematics if i practiced it.

For me to pass all the time i not only believed him, but i believed what he said about me (that i will never fail if i practice) and Every-Time I went home and do what he said and it kept on coming true up until today. i in fact totally believe today that it will be impossible for anyone to give me a test in mathematics which i will fail, except of course if i didn’t go home and practice.

The ability to believe

The ability to believe and put into reality mere words is of course not forgotten by me also, i apply it to other things which gives me an extraordinary ability to excel in almost everything that i do. (There was a time in my life that i was not in control of this ability and in that time i was letting others control what i believe)


You must know that the ability for man to create cannot be stopped, it is what we are, we cannot stop creating, we create everything including our misery.

The only thing we must actively do in order to succeed is to have faith in our ability to create good things, (which is why man needs religion to create good things).

If you can selectively choose what to believe in your mind then you will succeed all the time in all that you need to do.

The Author is Justice Azwifarwi Ndou the Owner of this Blog.


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Why are you promoting your website ( SEO )

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Search Engine Optimizations

Website promotion or SEO  has been a subject of almost everyone who is involved with websites in one way or another.

The sad story about this is that we are all trying to play catch-up to Google this company has monopolized the internet in ways almost unimaginable to those who where using the internet say ten years ago.

The end result of this is that whenever Google makes a change (for the better) on their Algorithm then the rest of us just tries to adopt to their algorithms in order for us to stay relevant in the digital arena.

Has anyone ever stopped and try to figure out whether or not we are heading to the right direction, cause if this trend continues soon very few companies will be able to control what the rest of us can find in the internet.

Which is not a good thing because this creates a platform for a very few successful individuals to control the whole world for their benefit.

If we are still serious about our independence and we still need to exercise our democracy then i suggest we come together and do something legal to challenge Google.

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