Website Development and Hosting Services

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Website Development and Hosting Services.

Blue IT Marketing together with freelancing solutions provides you with a website development and hosting services that will enable you to launch your company or organization online successfully. What this means is that instead of blue it marketing offering you only website development and hosting services we also offer you several services that makes sure that your business is not only reachable online but actually stands a very good chance of being a very successful business.

How we give you a competitive edge over your competitors?

Any online business launched today is not only faced with local competition but international competitors as well and unfortunately for most online businesses their owners can spend a very long time without even realising who their competitors are, let alone assessing their capabilities, meaning they can’t even apply normal market analysis or even asses their competitors as they do not even have the knowledge of the tools needed to accomplish such tasks.

Meaning that without any expert help when it comes to online marketing most online businesses are not even in business.

Blue IT Marketing simply created a several packages which includes:

·         Website Development.

·         Website Hosting.

·         Search Engine Optimization.

·         Online Marketing.

·         Affiliate Marketing Programs.

·         Email Marketing.

Of course the client can choose a package that satisfies his/her needs but we can always assist our customers in making a choice based on assessments of their potential competitors in their market.

Extra Benefits for Blue IT Marketing customers.

Together with freelancing solutions blue it marketing gives its customers several packages created to ease their online business operations absolutely free of charge, some of this packages are as follows.

·         Access to our freelancing jobs portal.

  • This means that you will be able to get advice from our premium freelancers absolutely free of charge and our freelancers are experts in the fields mentioned above which are just the things you need taken care of in order to succeed in today’s business world.

·         Access to our affiliate marketing Program as an affiliate partner for free.

Meaning you get access to list your products and services in our affiliate marketing program for free, this gives you access to several affiliate marketing agents and freelancers who are experienced in writing promotional articles and they will do this for you free of charge every-day.

If you need to launch your business and need that business to be in business from the get go then work with us and see what we can do for you!

Freelancing jobs

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Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing jobs or online freelance jobs are those kinds of jobs that are available online for those who are willing to earn an income completing freelancing jobs for organizations, companies and individuals from all over the world. The advantage of freelancing jobs or online freelance jobs is that you do not need a formal qualification in order to successfully work as a freelancer taking freelancing jobs.

What you need to start working on freelancing jobs.

The first thing you need to have to successfully get freelancing jobs is an online freelancing portfolio and profile, your profile states exactly what you can do and your portfolio gives examples of those things that you can do, which makes a lot of sense if both your profile and portfolio are located within the same place.

When you meet potential employers then you will have a much better chance of securing an online freelance jobs deal.

The second thing you need is a good website to work in, this is the place where potential employers get to submit their freelancing jobs for you to bid on, which will eventually lead to success on your part as you will have access to a lot of potential employers all at one place. Employers submit freelancing jobs in this website and freelancers bid on them and then it is up to the employer to select the freelancer they think can complete their freelancing job.

Once the freelance employer has selected their favourite freelancer then they have to negotiate with that freelancer and agree on certain conditions and if they agree with each other the freelancer can formally accept the freelancing job proposal, and commence with the required work.

Meaning there are two things that you need to successfully work on freelancing jobs, the first is a place where you will create your freelancing portfolio, and also a place where you can find freelancing jobs, freelancing solutions provides both solutions and thereby allowing you to be able to create your own online profile, and portfolio and then also be able to find employers who are willing to work with you and all in our websites. So start freelancing today.

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