South African FreelancersSouth African Freelancers

has a lot of different projects available for you to make money online and offline, although we take any one to work as a freelancer we give preference to those with experience first and then team them up with those individuals without experience.

in order for us to continue offering a quality service we rate the services rendered by those freelancers and the ratings helps us to allocate projects to proper candidates. freelancers are registered free of charge and there will never be a fee for this service. Companies, individuals, and Organisations  intending to submit their projects to our freelancers need to register first, projects are also submitted free of charge and you only pay when the projects is taken by a suitable freelancer or group of freelancers, that we selected depending on experience and ratings.

the amount that you have to pay is a deposit amount that allows us to offer you a quality service. the other balance is paid when the project is rendered and certified complete by both you and our employee/ freelancer. When our freelancers are rendering a service on the customers premises we reserve the right to send in our representative to check the quality of the service being rendered to our customers, all freelancers found to be either misbehaving or not performing as agreed might be disqualified to protect our customers and the reputation of other freelancers and the company.

Freelance Services

Blue IT Marketing offers a very useful service to all South African Freelancers who needs to offer their services in South Africa. What we do is Register all freelancers details in our website and then allow companies to post their Freelance Projects. We then match each and every project with a freelancer or a team of freelancers.

Projects placement are free.

Freelancer registrations are free.

To place projects press here. To register as a freelancer press here.

Blue IT Marketing
Located at

Post Office Street,

Blue IT Marketing
Phone: 079 04 71559

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