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as a freelancer myself i have learned quiet a few things that i would like to share with you today.

The first thing and most important on becoming a  freelancer is to

Create a freelance Profile

The most important thing for any freelancer to remember is that you need to create your very own freelance profile first. Your profile enables you to convince your prospective customers by showing them what you can do, meaning that your freelance profile must include some of your best freelance work’s. and it also means that creating a freelance profile is a non stop responsibility for us long as you are a freelancer. (you need to update your profile with fresh materials every-time ) .

Your profile can be hosted as a profile website online, and this way you can present it to anyone on all the platforms that you use for taking freelance projects online.

So the most important thing to remember is that you must create your online freelance profile on a separate website.

Check this space for more information as this series continues.

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