How to create wealth with ideas

Take a look at the headlines today and try make a conclusion yourself as to whats making money in today’s economy, you will find out that it is all about ideas.

New Ideas always has a potential to generate money

There are however factors that influence the financial potential of an idea


  • Do people believe in your idea? If people believe in your idea such an idea has a great potential to be passed on to the next person.this means that your idea start to market itself.
  • Originality! How original is your idea? if you just duplicate another persons ideas then your chances of becoming successful are minimal.
  • Platform used to launch the idea. this is the same as the platform used to create awareness. if you are launching a business based on a new idea then it is better to launch it on a platform that allows you free publicity, and also allow people to actively interact with you.
  • Some ideas has an ability to spread like a virus.
  1. And this is highly dependent on the current state of society than anything else, for example an idea to develop and market an enhanced sanitation cloth might flourish in our society if we where to find ourselves in the middle of a major flu pandemic.
  2. The effectiveness or usefulness of an idea. if the solution or product proposed in your idea is readily available then your idea is more useful than the one that proposes a complicated or expensive product or service. Ideas that meet this criteria are much more likely to spread by themselves than others.
  3. Consistency. for your ideas to be of benefit to you they have to have an unchanging feature that can readily be associated with you, E.G. Company Name, Product Name or Service Description. This enables your idea to spread together with a feature that can always be traced back to you.
  4. Associations with other ideas of the same type can help your idea spread if it has sufficient benefits or features that stands out of the crowd.
  5. Sense of Ownership. If those people that are the intended recipients of an idea has a sense of owner derived from anything associated to such an idea then that idea will spread much more effectively than an idea which does not impart this.

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