South African Affiliate Marketing

Freelancing Solutions has created a new affiliate marketing program for South Africans to start working in freelancing solutions as promotional specialists promoting everything from our freelancing services, hosting services, recruiting freelancers and also recruiting affiliate markerters.

We are hundred percent sure that this service is what South Africans need to enter into the freelancing business as it enables those who are still learning the online job market to keep on learning and also generate an income at the same time.

Benefits of joining our affiliate marketing program

people will benefit largely from our affiliate program mainly because of the support system we put in place for affiliates to get them going, In order to guarantee the success of our affiliates we provide them with access to our freelancers and they in turn help them setup their affiliate websites in such a way that they can be able to:

  • Get more traffic through SEO and Online Marketing.
  • Be able to convert the traffic they got from above to their referrals by making use of landing pages.
  • Help them setup their Online Marketing Campaigns.
  • Help them Develop a useful website to their users.

Our Affiliates will continue working as a measure part of our business operations as they also enable freelancers to get employers to their freelancing portfolio websites, this forms part of our ultimate strategy to create a successful market place for online workers from all walks of life.