Search Engine Optimizations

Website promotion or SEO  has been a subject of almost everyone who is involved with websites in one way or another.

The sad story about this is that we are all trying to play catch-up to Google this company has monopolized the internet in ways almost unimaginable to those who where using the internet say ten years ago.

The end result of this is that whenever Google makes a change (for the better) on their Algorithm then the rest of us just tries to adopt to their algorithms in order for us to stay relevant in the digital arena.

Has anyone ever stopped and try to figure out whether or not we are heading to the right direction, cause if this trend continues soon very few companies will be able to control what the rest of us can find in the internet.

Which is not a good thing because this creates a platform for a very few successful individuals to control the whole world for their benefit.

If we are still serious about our independence and we still need to exercise our democracy then i suggest we come together and do something legal to challenge Google.