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How to Create Online Freelance Profiles

If you are wondering what i mean by an online Freelance Profile, Here is what i mean by Online Freelance Profile.

It is an Online Website where all your Freelance Profiles are Managed that means that your profiles will always be accessible to your potential customers from where ever they are.

The advantages of having Online Freelance Profiles separate from anything else is that there’s no limit as to what you can put in the Freelancing profiles that you have created in your own website, the thing here is that you don’t even have the space limitations that might be put against you for profiles embedded on a freelancing website.

Freelancing Profile is the most important part of your online Freelancing Career for without it it is not easy for anyone to get projects. The other thing is that you might even publisize this profile and get much more projects than if you where bound by the Online Freelancing Website that you use for your Projects.

To make it as anOnline Freelance Professional requires that you actually have to do a lot of work before you start making profit but it is all worth it, because when you start making money and making sure you are completing projects you will earn a lot of money.


So create your Freelance Profiles and never stop marketing them online and offline.

My Online Freelance Profile can be found here.


SEO Strategy that works

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SEO Strategy that works

Are you tired of paying a lot of money that promise you that they can offer you the best SEO Services in the indsutry and then at the end of the day, always ending up with the same result, or worse than you where. Well if you answered yes to the above question let me tell you that i have a method that will not only give you the result but alos give you the control on how the search engines view your website. And it is a very simple matter indeed, becuase you are already doing it everyday in your life without realising that you can target your work on improving your overall website ratings in search engines all over the world. The method allows you to write your own content at your own pace and then publish it on the internet using a strict method that allows you to target specific keywords and making sure that they are all associated with your website by creating link both ways, that means that should you create an article like this one, you also have to link to this article from your website and also create another link to your website from this article, using the keyword that you are optimizing for, and after that something will start happening, your site will be returned more and more on any search related to the keywords on your article.

Justice Ndou’s SEO Strategy

is the only

SEO Strategy that works

on my own website i have made use of the SEO Strategy that i am talking about and it is working wonders for me. and the only thing that i have to do is to work as naturally as possible and my website keeps rating higher and higher for keywords of my choice. of course i make use of Google Webmaster Tools to do my Keyword Research and also determine how a specific keyword is performing. so for more information on Justice Ndou’s SEO Strategy please read on.

Freelance Solutions

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Freelance Solutions

as a freelancer myself i have learned quiet a few things that i would like to share with you today.

The first thing and most important on becoming a  freelancer is to

Create a freelance Profile

The most important thing for any freelancer to remember is that you need to create your very own freelance profile first. Your profile enables you to convince your prospective customers by showing them what you can do, meaning that your freelance profile must include some of your best freelance work’s. and it also means that creating a freelance profile is a non stop responsibility for us long as you are a freelancer. (you need to update your profile with fresh materials every-time ) .

Your profile can be hosted as a profile website online, and this way you can present it to anyone on all the platforms that you use for taking freelance projects online.

So the most important thing to remember is that you must create your online freelance profile on a separate website.

Check this space for more information as this series continues.

Or start working as a Freelancer Today


Freelance Jobs



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Blue IT Marketing and why it was created.

This company is in existent for reasons which are personal to me as an individual. you see as a person i have struggled a lot in my life and largely because i didn’t fit in. as i was growing up i always believed that there was something different about me so i spent a lot of time finding out about myself and the environment that i lived in.

This of course gave me an advantage when it comes to understanding how things work. I found out that in life one worst enemy is self, once you defeat yourself then all other things are just minor obstacles that can’t really change your direction.

Leading my life along this path of course was not easy, and i was often more of an outcast than somebody who fits in, i didn’t really care much of this because i had enough problems with myself than anyone else.

Once in my life i found out that when i have a problem with someone else more often than not the solution is not with the other person but with me. and this naturally lead me into finding solutions for problems which are not only my own but problems which affect the people around me.


This need to find solutions by myself lead me into a very long research as to how can i solve most of the problems which affect our society. and after ten years reading everything to do with business and everything else Blue IT Marketing was finally born.

With this company the only thing i want to do is to solve most of our societies ills in one go. i know this is going to be the most difficult road of my life and i am already going uphill. I do not see myself failing as this is not only a business but my life as well i have chosen this path as the path i want my life defined by.

I am writing this today from the offices of Blue IT Marketing at Thohoyandou, and the reason is to explain to everyone affiliated with this company as to what it is that i am doing.


The future of Blue IT Marketing depends on the people connected in one way or another with this company if any one of you sees everyday what i see in our societies all over the world you would agree with me that unless we change most of the ways that things are done then nothing will really improve within and outside of our societies.

Today you find people being killed in the name of democratic freedom i say democratic freedom because according to me this isn’t freedom at all but just another system to continue enslaving our people economically, and this is not local to any country but a problem all over the world.


So tomorrow when you vote for a political party just ask yourself whether or not what you expect from this political parties can be achieved by a political party. i am not saying do not vote i am just saying put your faith on something that can deliver, political parties have been in existent for a long time around the world and none of them has been able to deliver that ever elusive Freedom.


The reasons for this is of course economical not political, there’s enough resources today to support everyone alive  but in the hands of few. which is what the open economy and Democracy really provides (Not Freedom).

Political Freedom by itself cannot provide for a family people need Economical Freedom to survive (i am not affiliated in any way with Julius Malema’s Party) which is why i start Blue IT Marketing to provide that ever needed freedom which is economical and not political.


Blue IT Marketing is able to provide economical freedom by centralizing the power of this company to the people themselves so once you join Blue IT Marketing as an Agent, Freelancer, or a company Needing to submit your projects to freelancers you are infect putting more power to the people not me or the shareholders of Blue IT Marketing.

The company will only be in my direction for as long as it needs to after which i will no longer be needed to give direction to Blue IT Marketing as the people themselves can give better direction to this company than i can.


You do not have to understand what i am talking about here in order for you to understand that you still do not enjoy sufficient freedom to have access to:

  • Basic Health Care
  • Education
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Basic Human Rights

Which is exactly what every political party in the world promises its supporters.

The thing is in reality they cannot provide this things to start with as they do not even own this things. (How can you give something which you do not have)

I have nothing against any Political Parties in this world i am just pointing out the obvious and the thing is we still need the people like Mandela in this world to continue doing what he did for South Africa, But in Order for us to provide Real Freedom we are going to have to do it ourselves, History gives you sufficient proof that unless Real Power (Economic not Political) is given to the people then nothing will really change.

The Author is Justice Ndou

CEO & Founder Blue IT Marketing.

You don’t need money to get rich you need an attitude

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Justice Ndou

Justice Ndou

The Truth About Money

Making money was never about running a business or getting a job its a set of skills, Your belief system and your attitude towards life  that you need to have or perfect in order for you to make money.

Three Steps to making money

If someone keeps on improving those three things then one stands a very good chance of making it in life. Not only financially but the quality of your life will also improve.

you might be asking yourself what is this guy talking about well, the thing is whatever you believe you are then you are.

The Biggest secret about Money

The biggest secret there’s about making money isn’t even about money it is about life itself, if you tend to believe that you are poor then you are. if you believe you can’t then you you can’t. you don’t need money to get rich, you need an attitude.

Money Attitude

Rich people had first a positive attitude then money had no choice but to follow them.

Anyone who has ever spent time with a really successful person will tell you that the only thing that differentiate this people with the rest is their attitude, they are first of all positive and they don’t believe in failing, when you point out your failures they point out the lessons learnt well from experience.

Successful people keeps on learning

The difference is while you keep on failing they keep on learning. you do not need anyone to point out the fact that the person who keeps on learning and adapting to circumstances will eventually surpass the one who keeps on failing.

Develop your capacity to learn

In a rich man’s mind there’s no room for failure but there’s an infinite capacity to learn and adapt to life lessons and circumstances. This is the skill which if perfected will propel you into greatness.

Money gets attracted to those who are conditioned for it

Do Nothing and you are sure to be poor

Money is always attracted to those whose mind has been conditioned to attract it. Poverty always finds those whose mind is idle and easily swayed by the winds.

you do not need to do anything to be Poor

To be successful you have to be persistent in whatever it is that you do.

More often than not if you give up on anything you eventually end up worse than you where when you started.

Be of good moral standing, it won’t do you any good to make a lot of money if you cant enjoy it.

Make sure to always learn life’s lessons well nothing beets nature as a teacher of life.

  • Look at the bright side and remember failure is an attitude not a condition.
  • You must always have a plan, and a plan to develop your plan.
  • When it comes to real wealth you have to plan for it you do not stumble on real wealth.
  • Surround yourself with people who know something you don’t and learn from them.
  • There’s no bad subject when it comes to making money.
  • You must know something about everything, Ignorance will make you poor.
  • Make a decision and stand by it,if you don’t stand by you ideas then who will.
  • For an idea to make money for you people have to believe in it, and you must be the first believer.
  • Tell your customers about your ideas and make sure they believe in your ideas, there will come a time when everybody believes you and that is the time to make money.
  • It does you no good if you can pilot an airplane and no one believes you can, you won’t fly anyone

Author: Justice Ndou

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