The status of Freelancing in South Africa

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The Status of Freelancing in South Africa.

South Africans have a lot to benefit if most of them take up freelancing as a permanent or a temporary employment solution but even though a few individuals are starting to take up freelancing, The rate at which this is happening is really low compared to Countries such as Australia, India and USA and those countries are really at the forefront of the freelancing movement, and also one can include in this list a country such as Turkey.

Even though one could mention things such as the Digital Divide such is no longer the case presently.

The reason is with the level of smart phones penetration both in rural and urban areas in South Africa, then you will then realise that most individualsFreelancing South Africa do have access to the internet rather what is lacking is the level of education especially concerning what could be done with such an internet access.

Now the responsibility of educating South Africans as to the advantages of having access to internet in order to solve our social problems falls not solely on he private sector but is also the responsibility of the government in power at this very moment in South Africa.

The Benefits of Freelancing especially for a Country such as South Africa are too numerous to mention.

One only has to understand that South Africa although it is a strong country economically compared to the rest of the African Country still has some of the lowest employment rates compared to the same countries, this is unacceptable even if one can explain the situation in any way possible.

Freelancing Should really be an option that the government itself consider as an alternative to the present social and economic crises in South Africa.

The Author is Justice Ndou CEO of Blue IT Marketing and webmaster of Freelancing Solutions a South African Freelancing Organization created to instil the Spirit of Freelancing amongst South Africans and the rest of the world. Freelancing Solutions also creates various solutions for freelancers so that they are able to enter the freelancing industry more easily.


Best Jobs on freelancing solutions

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Best Jobs-Freelancing Solutions-Freelance Jobs

Best Jobs on freelancing solutions

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The answer to this question is rather obvious any skill you can think of that could be offered online today can get you to earn money as a freelancer and on a way to get the best possible jobs available online today.

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Freelance Solutions

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Freelance Solutions

as a freelancer myself i have learned quiet a few things that i would like to share with you today.

The first thing and most important on becoming a  freelancer is to

Create a freelance Profile

The most important thing for any freelancer to remember is that you need to create your very own freelance profile first. Your profile enables you to convince your prospective customers by showing them what you can do, meaning that your freelance profile must include some of your best freelance work’s. and it also means that creating a freelance profile is a non stop responsibility for us long as you are a freelancer. (you need to update your profile with fresh materials every-time ) .

Your profile can be hosted as a profile website online, and this way you can present it to anyone on all the platforms that you use for taking freelance projects online.

So the most important thing to remember is that you must create your online freelance profile on a separate website.

Check this space for more information as this series continues.

Or start working as a Freelancer Today


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Invest on Blue IT Marketing and Help us Grow!

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Why Invest on Blue IT Marketing Pty LTD

  • First of all it is all about the Return on your Investment which is very high and in order for you to come to this conclusion please read below.
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  • Blue IT Marketing also empowers Willing Freelancers to Offer their Services as a fully fledged company and we do this by giving them Business Consultation Services through the Services of other Freelancers, to make sure that the Created Business is Viable and continues to operate efficiently.
  • Potential to create more permanent jobs with a fixed monthly salary for those who prefers permanent jobs. Blue IT Marketing is a company that is creating everyday a platform where ordinary people are able to effect change in the lives of others for the better. Our aim is to create a place where individuals are able to create solutions to their problems with the assistance of our Freelance Community.
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