A Fool Proof Way to Succeed in Everything

Well i am not going to give you instructions on how to mix a certain magic formula that will make you succeed in your life, rather i am going to give you instructions on how you should live your life to make sure that you are a success in everything that you do.

The instructions that i will give you seems so ordinary that it will be hard for you to believe that they can turn your life around, which is why you don’t follow them.

The most basic thing which mankind never seemed to grasp fully is that they are capable of doing everything, that there is nothing impossible, that they are given that power from birth and they need not do anything but apply it to their day to day life’s to be a success in everything that they do.

Each and every individual who is alive today has the power to create, this power was given unto man by god.  this is the power that man cannot understand or does not seem to understand, and sometimes people apply or use this power without understanding it.