Why Invest on Blue IT Marketing Pty LTD

  • First of all it is all about the Return on your Investment which is very high and in order for you to come to this conclusion please read below.
  • The second reason is the opportunity to make a difference in South Africa and other countries,Blue IT Marketing has created a vehicle that will enable you to offer Employment Opportunities to a lot of people who are busy looking for employment opportunities all over the world, but you and I knows that unless someone comes up with something better the present global economic situation has no incentives in place to employ everyone. Which is where we come in, by introducing our model of freelancing which is able to solve the experience issue that affects most graduate’s students who are never offered an opportunity to prove themselves in line with their qualifications. Our freelancing model allows us to allocate a lot of freelancers on projects that are available in our website, by creating groups that target specific projects based on skill and experience and sometimes on geographical location.
  • Blue IT Marketing also empowers Willing Freelancers to Offer their Services as a fully fledged company and we do this by giving them Business Consultation Services through the Services of other Freelancers, to make sure that the Created Business is Viable and continues to operate efficiently.
  • Potential to create more permanent jobs with a fixed monthly salary for those who prefers permanent jobs. Blue IT Marketing is a company that is creating everyday a platform where ordinary people are able to effect change in the lives of others for the better. Our aim is to create a place where individuals are able to create solutions to their problems with the assistance of our Freelance Community.
  • Blue IT Marketing also empowers Freelancers by Letting them Secure Projects online and offline as Sales and Marketing Agent, and then earn commission for as long as such a company uses our freelancing service. Anyone can see the benefit this company will have to people all over the world.
  • But it also has the potential to benefit companies all over the world by giving them access to skills that could have been difficult to obtain, any company that is registered with us gets access to a large pool of proven skills and expertise on a moment’s notice. This in turn even allows anyone to build an entire company based on the services that we offer which we encourage and also offers expect advise through our network of Professional Freelancers.