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Product or Service Description and Differentiation

Your Marketing Strategies depends entirely on your product and or service that you are offering to your customers.

you need to think very hard about your product and or service, and the reasons why you want to offer the product or your service to the community.

your product or service sales success depends highly on your delivery mechanism so develop your strategies along this lines as well.

Where to start

In order for you to even begin creating a marketing campaign you need to start thinking like your customers first, and then you will be able to decide what it is that you need as a customer and what it is that you expect in return.

Creating Value

Once you have this laid out in-front of you you must start thinking along the lines of actually improving on your service, by creating value within the service that you are offering to the customers.

Market The Added Value on your product or Service (Value Sells Better)

This will give you an idea of how you should go about marketing your product and or your service, instead of just saying computers for sale, you can then sell the added value to your customers that they get by buying from you.

Adding value is sometimes about little things like packaging and delivery methods that you adopt to solve a particular problem, this is why you see today a lot of hosting service providers provides one click interfaces for most of the hosting software’s that are used in the industry. this enables them to go on and say something like Word Press Hosting on their advertisements or marketing campaign this indicates added value on the service of hosting, which is also a marketing strategy as it caters for a very lucrative business section, Word Press Hosting.

There’s no rules and regulation as to what you need to do to add value to your services, infect if you need to gain an advantage you need to think out of the box, and that often means thinking outside the norms and regulations of doing things.

If somebody tells you how something is done then think about how it can be done better that it is done, you have to do this often enough and in no time you will start seeing marketing opportunities in adding value to everyday services.

We can go on and on about this subject but the one thing you have to remember is more often than not today’s fast moving businesses are not doing anything new rather they are finding interesting ways of doing the things that people do better.