Blue IT Marketing

Freelancing Solutions

Freelancing Solutions is a subsidiary of Blue IT Marketing Pty LTD a company registered in Sout Africa. We have launched freelancing solutions as a subsidiary of blue it marketing so that it concetrate solely on offering solutions to freelancers in South Africa and abroad. and we hope that as we are launching Freelancing Solutions it becomes a service that can satisfy the expectations of the general Internet Users.

Blue IT Marketing has launched a brand new freelancing website where freelancers can start working as:

  • Website Developers
  • Article Writers
  • Landing Page Developers
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialists

this will enable anyone who is looking for an Online Job to be able to start working as soon as possble, we are also inviting those who are willing to post thie freelance jobs to freelancers to start doing so as soon as possible as we already have freelancers on standby ready to take your freelance projects and provide you with the best service.

Anyone interested in making use of our freelancers for the skills mentioned above must also register in our website in order to do so, this will allow you to post your projects everytime you need to with absolutely no limit to the number of jobs you can post everyday.

Freelancers who are also willing to start working must also register on our website in order to do so.

We are also launching our own affiliate marketing website that will allow affiliate marketing agents to start working and earn a commission as they market our services through their very own affiliate marketing websites that we will provide to them as they subscribe to become a member of our affiliate marketing program.

The services that an affiliate marketing agent can offer to the general public in order to earn an income are as follows:

  • Recruiting Freelancers
  • Recruting Affiliate Marketing Agents
  • Selling our E-Books
  • Promoting the services of freelancers.
  • Selling our Hosting Solutions.
  • Promoting the services of freelancing solutions.


  1. I’m a freelancer. Affortunately, I am not South African. Nevertheless, I have a South African, freelancer friend. And I’m sure your blog will be very useful for him. I’ll surely inform him about your blog and your services.

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